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Category Archives: Student Study Tips

This is an organized category where you will get articles on how to thrive in high school, college or university. Our student study tips have helped students overcome fears in academic essay writing, choose the right courses, and have fun while in college. We hope it helps you too!

How can I write an essay really fast?-Use these Tips February 26, 2019 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips
How to write an essay fast

How can I write an essay really fast? – Is a question that troubles almost every student. When undertaking work and studies concurrently, every free time is always dedicated to the essay. Sometimes students find themselves overwhelmed with an essay. Maybe you forgot you had an essay due in the next 30 minutes. If you […]

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How to Cheat Turnitin and other Plagiarism Detection Software February 19, 2019 To: Blogs, Citation Guides for Academic Writing, GradeCrest Writing Guides, Student Study Tips
How to cheat Turnitin

Written assignments make up the largest part of college, university, and high school grades. Rightfully so, many students have been caught in the web of plagiarism. A great worry is how to cheat Turnitin. While some college papers are written in the struggle, a sizeable number fail due to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a monster that […]

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How to Avoid Plagiarism-A College Student’s Guide February 1, 2019 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips
How to avoid plagiarism

The world over, most of the higher learning education institutions use plagiarism checkers to detect plagiarism. All the papers submitted by the students are assessed for authenticity, originality, and uniqueness. It is vital to understand how to avoid plagiarism when writing college papers. It is sacrilegious to even dream of think of submitting an academic […]

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Conclusion Paragraph Generator- Get Human with Your Essays! February 1, 2019 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips
conclusion generator

When writing an essay, the conclusion paragraph always comes last. This means that the paragraph has the mandate of bringing closure to your paper. As such, it should reflect the key findings of the essay, explain the approach of the essay, and state the basis of the need for further research. It would be best […]

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10 Study Tips for College Students January 3, 2019 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips

Now that you have written an excellent and compelling admission essay and accepted to college, you need some tips to get ahead with your studies. Mostly, the transition from high school to college can be very overwhelming. Not even the best students can handle it. Our 10 study tips for college students can help. In […]

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Sample MLA Essay December 20, 2018 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips

Below is a sample MLA essay. It details the different parts that MLA papers need to have. It can help you format your paper. If you have any MLA research papers and require online essay writing help, our writers can help. Simply place an order on our website and have the best. The CoverPage of […]

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11 Crazy and Unique Courses of Study In College August 22, 2018 To: Blogs, Student Study Tips

Has it ever struck you that there are unimaginable courses to pursue in college or university? With the need for education in almost everything in life, yes literary from sleeping to cooking and even entertainment, there is the pressure to wisely spend on education. If you have a particular penchant for a given area say […]

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