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Our Gradecrest writing guide presents the different writing guides that can help university and college students write better. You need these guides as a freshman and as a final year student. Acquaint yourself with relevant knowledge in writing different essays.

These are compilations of “, how to,” guides on how to approach essays, term papers, research papers, and dissertation.

The information is relevant for any student. MBA students and Ph.D. students can get nuggets of wisdom to write their papers.

How to Write Good Essays on Advertisement March 11, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Writing essays is a sincere opportunity for writers to expose their prowess. While in college, the greatest worry for communication students is how to write good essays on advertisement. If you are among those wondering how to write good advertisement analysis essays, we have your back. Now, essay writing is a gradual process. Mastery of […]

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Types of Leadership and Followership Styles March 9, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Introduction Leadership has received ascendancy in the past decade and has been the center of most scholarly as well as public and professional debates (Nohria and Khurana, 2010). Effective leadership is a requisite in any organization, nation or team that is or is aspiring successful. Leadership has been described as the ability to influence a […]

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Business and Government in the Global Context March 9, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Business and Government in the Global Context Executive Summary             This report is based on the environmental challenges with importance to corporations all over the world. A brief introduction highlights the key areas the report is to handle. The report is then divided into sections each with its own theme for clarity. The issue of […]

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Advantages and Problems of Network Social Communication March 9, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Advantages and Problems of Network Social Communication It is no doubt that the invention of the internet has triggered a communication revolution by allowing the users to share information across different platforms regardless of the distance (Johnston et al. 24). Social networking has taken the world with a twist making it a center of attraction […]

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Digital Media and terrorism March 9, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Topic: Digital Media and terrorism: how radical organizations used social media in their activist Roles Type: Proposal  (Arts) Pages: 5 Level: Postgraduate Level Deadline: 2016-01-26 22:31:37 PST Style: Harvard Customer Language: United Kingdom (UK English) Sources: 7 INTRODUCTION (about the importance of social media in recent years) – IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY (explain why this study is important and especially among Saudi people) – […]

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Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods March 9, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Write an essay of about 1250- 1500 words Summarize and explain in your own terms what Comstock takes to be some of the key questions we should ask when trying to assess the potential harms associated with genetically modified foods. Summarize and explain in your own terms Comstock’s main reasons for concluding that it is […]

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Guide, Topics, and Example February 27, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Most students wonder how to write a rhetorical analysis essay. While it is an important part of the AP exams, done by students in the US, one can fail if they lack mastery. For beginners, grasping the concepts and ropes of rhetorical analysis writing can be arduous. For this reason, the gist of our article […]

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Essay Topics for Macbeth: A comprehensive List for your College Papers February 24, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides

Shakespearean plays remain relevant to date despite being done about 400 years ago! They reflect the nature of humanity-it rarely changes. A list of essay topics on Macbeth is always up to date. Even with the invasion of technology, contemporary acts and plays, struggles of life, and other stuff, we have an inner liking for […]

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How to Cheat Turnitin and other Plagiarism Detection Software February 19, 2019 To: Blogs, Citation Guides for Academic Writing, GradeCrest Writing Guides, Student Study Tips
How to cheat Turnitin

Written assignments make up the largest part of college, university, and high school grades. Rightfully so, many students have been caught in the web of plagiarism. A great worry is how to cheat Turnitin. While some college papers are written in the struggle, a sizeable number fail due to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a monster that […]

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How to write a Profile Essay- Research Guide for College Students February 11, 2019 To: Blogs, GradeCrest Writing Guides
profile essay writing

Before even learning how to write a profile essay, you need mastery skills on how to begin it. Undeniably, unfinished work does not guarantee any audience or grades. However, it begins by knowing how to write a profile essay and what a profile essay is. In your journey as a student, your professor or instructor […]

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